Friday, 13 July 2012

Flat 82

A one bedroom property in a popular quiet development with 4 year waiting list. A small development with gated access, property in need of some modernisation

The Path


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My First Marathon

Two days after completing my first Marathon, my legs are a bit stiff, I have a slightly swollen ankle and I am burnt because if was 20 degrees, I have a blister so big it has developed its own sense of humor but none of that matters because I have proved to myself anything is possible, we are only limited by our imagination. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

One week to go

Can't say I am happy, went out today for a run, did 3 miles, couldn't be bothered, is that normal, do runners max out on training then week or so before a race they just can be bothered to train or it is just me.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

On your marks, get set, RUN!

Running is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape regardless of where you are. You only need a pair of running shoes, comfortable clothing and you’re good to go.
However, the time, the route and the weather can get in the way, and being out of your comfort zone can be a motivation killer.  This is why we thought of a few tips to improve your running routine as well as some advice for when you are travelling.

Getting started
a)    Be consistent. There’s no point in making excuses, grumbling and complaining about the rain, the sun, the wind, your shoe, you get the picture (there’s even an entire book full of excuses). No matter where you are, there will be a way to workout. You just need to want it badly enough and not tire yourself out on the first day.
b)   Start small.  Having a reasonable goal is essential. Calculate how much you can run in the time you have and keep that in mind, do not push yourself too hard. The first step is to start running, don’t get intimidated by how long or how far you ‘should run’. Any amount of running that fits in your schedule is what matters. Maybe it’s only a quick 25 minute run during your lunch hour, it still counts.
c)    Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Having the right footwear to run is essential and ensures that you do not injure yourself in any way. Go to a specialist-running store and buy something that they recommend, this way you can’t go wrong. Your clothes should let you move freely and not weigh you down. There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’re suffocating inside your hoodie, deciding it’s too warm, and then tying it around your waist and having to rearrange it every few metres.
d)   Hydrate yourself. Make sure you drink enough water or even a sports drink if that’s what you prefer. It’s recommended to start drinking water an hour before you start to run as well as after, and have only tiny sips during your workout.
When you travel
a)    You can easily plan your schedule and routes by checking any of these websites- Map My Runor Run the Planet. It will only take a few moments, and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing you won’t get lost.
b)   Ask your Hotel staff if they know running routes, or have a hotel gym. Chances are, someone has already asked the same question and they will be able to give you recommendations of which routes to take and which ones to avoid.
c)    Run on a treadmill if you can’t do outdoors running- we don’t want you red nosed and bleary eyed on some street in Moscow in December. Although this is not as exciting as going out and exploring the area, it can still be entertaining and even productive if you watch the news while you run.
d)   Run in the morning, because if you’re in a new city, it clears up the rest of your day to not only do your work, but also to enjoy your stay.
We hope that you feel more inspired towards taking up running. Our tips provide a cursory view into how you can run, but there are lots of blogs with more tips, ideas and inspiration. One of our favourite ones is Sore Limbs, written by a former smoker turned hard core runner providing details of his training, reviews of running shoes, and marathon insights.
From Down Time by Thistle - 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Silverstone Marathon 2011

My second Silverstone and to anyone who wants to have a go at a half marathon then this is the one. It only cost £15.00 to enter, it is as flat as can be, very easy to get to and loads of free parking, because of the time of year you are pretty much guaranteed cold weather which in my opinion is good.

I long for the opportunity to run this with someone, anyone want to join me in 2012

I completed this year in 1h.48mins